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Hi, Marissa here...

I'm Marissa Rivera-Davis, dance fitness instructor, health & wellness coach, and founder of Her365 Fitness. I help busy women prioritize their health and wellness by teaching them the lifestyle skills they need to achieve positive change and cultivate wellbeing so that they can live the healthy, happy life that they deserve.


I believe every woman has within her the capacity to take charge of her life and shift into a mindset of growth, self-compassion, and self-empowerment through exercise (what we call intentional movement/purposeful activities) and nutrition, and mindfulness


If you’re struggling to change or adopt new health & wellness habits it’s not likely because you don’t want to, or because you aren’t motivated enough. It’s because you haven’t learned or practiced the lifestyle skills to make these new habits stick.


Her365 Fitness provides busy women, just like you, with the tools, support, and science-backed resources to take responsibility for your health & wellness, feel in charge of your own change process, and own the choices you make…one step at a time.


Poco a poco se va legos. / Little by little you’ll go far. 

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