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Practice Makes Progress. 

Making lasting change takes practice, consistency, and support. Our Boost courses are designed to (re)introduce you to foundational wellness knowledge and behaviors. These are the building blocks for the habits that you will need to achieve your wellness goals. Our Challenges help you to put these new behaviors into action and move toward habit building. Our wellness Journeys are where you put it all together and commit to making serious progress on your goals.


Regardless if you participate in our quick Boost series, a short-term Challenge, or embark on one of our longer wellness Journeys, you will increase your health and wellness knowledge, strengthen your consistency muscle, and have the support you need to achieve your goals.

With each option, you are supported along the way. You'll meet your Support Squad in our private forums & groups and Marissa will help you stay consistent and keep you accountable. Your Squad is composed of other womxn like you who are finally putting their health and wellness first in their busy lives. 

Start wherever you'd like to but just start. We've got you, girl!

🚀 7in7 Wellness Boost

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1573 Tara Hills Dr | Pinole, CA 94564

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