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Gym Membership and Coaching Programs

Join our studio/gym community and access the tools and support that will help you stay accountable and reach your health and fitness goals.


You are capable of living authentically and more compassionately in the body you have right now. No diets. No weight-loss challenges. No body-shaming. No encouragement to strive for unrealistic body goals or unsustainable eating habits. Instead, we support you in practicing self-compassion and seeking out enjoyable exercise inside and outside of our comfortable women's gym and fitness studio.

Her365 Fitness is dedicated to making our offerings accessible to the women who need and want them. We offer several benefit tiers to make it easy for you to make a choice that comfortably aligns with your needs and resources.


Regardless of where you are in your life journey, our Circle is for women ready to take action to improve their relationship with themselves and their bodies.


Take the first step to a more comfortable fitness experience. We got you, sis!


For all gym membership options, there is an enrollment & processing fee. These amounts are itemized on the enrollment page for each option (to view click Sign Up). Memberships are billed at the rate and frequency detailed below. Memberships renew monthly, with the exception of the accountability programs which require an initial 12-week commitment before converting to month-to-month/monthly renewal. Memberships may be canceled with a 30-day notice in advance of your next payment date and may require an additional payment prior to account close out depending on when your cancellation request is received. An annual fee of $30 plus applicable taxes will be billed on or shortly after October 1st and can be paid in advance or monthly installments; speak to your enrollment coordinator about your preference during your verification appointment. 

1573 Tara Hills Dr | Pinole, CA 94564

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