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☀️ MONDAY with Marissa365

Reintroducing you to MONDAY: The Day All Health Breaks Loose


Research shows that most folks view Monday as a day for a fresh start.

People are more likely to start healthy activities like exercise, stress management regimens, changing their eating habits, and schedule doctor’s appointments on Monday than any other day of the week.

There’s an upsurge of healthy intentions on Monday.

Engaging in healthy behavior on Monday helps people sustain healthy behavior throughout the week. People report that starting the week off with exercise, healthy eating, good stress management, and a positive attitude keeps them on track throughout the week.

Monday helps people stick to their healthy behaviors.

When asked if Monday affects their intentions for the rest of the week:

  • 60% of survey respondents agreed that if they eat healthy on Monday, it helps them continue to eat healthy the rest of the week.

  • 55% of survey respondents said that if they manage their stress well on Monday, it helps them reduce stress the rest of the week.

  • Close to 60% of the respondents also said that if they exercise on Monday, they are more likely to exercise the rest of the week.

Clearly, research shows that starting the week healthy helps end the week healthy.


First, I also am one of those folks who love to start new things on Mondays. 😌 So on Monday, August 2, 2021, I debuted Monday with Marissa365 as new way to support the Sisterhood of Healthy Lives & Good Vibes (HL+GV) in their health & wellness journey.

Second, the main component of our weekly live sessions is based on The Healthy Monday Program that was developed by the non-profit organization, Monday Campaigns, in collaboration with highly respected academic institutions like Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse University to help people practice healthy habits.

The goal of The Healthy Monday program is to reduce stress and improve one’s overall health and wellness. It works because it uses Monday as the day to bring a fresh start to every week, a technique shown to improve results.

That is why here at Her365 Fitness, we are onboard with The Healthy Monday Programs and The Monday Campaigns in promoting Monday as “The Day All Health Breaks Loose”. Our overall goal is to create a happier, more productive you, by supporting you with recommended activities that reduce stress, increase physical activity, and improve your eating habits. We encourage our SisterFriends to use Monday as a weekly cue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Because it can help you take better care of yourself, sis! Although many of us womxn provide top-notch quality care to others, we often struggle to focus on our own care. So, I’m presenting to you ☼ MONDAY with Marissa365, the Her365 Fitness version of the healthy Monday Program, to help you reduce stress, improve your overall health and wellness, and get the support that you need to stay consistent.

Tune in each week and:

✅ Set a self-care intention for the week.

👍🏽 Get answers to your health/wellness/fitness questions.

📲 Learn how the Her365 fitness apps and offerings can help you stick to your self-care plan.

During each session, I will lead you through a quick coaching lesson to get you focused on your own health/wellness/fitness and send you off into your week feeling positively inspired and ready to put yourself first.

A health regimen or self-care routine can mean different things to different people. This is why over the course of our Mondays together, we will explore various different practices for improving your health & wellness including incorporating more plants into your diet with meatless Mondays, reducing stress with destress Mondays, and moving your body more with move it Mondays.

Starting your week in this way can help you refresh and get into the “fresh start mindset. By making these sessions a part of your weekly routine, you’ll truly be on your way to living your best life.

☼ MONDAY with Marissa365 is all about YOU, SisterFriend. This is YOUR time.

Join me for the next session on Monday @ 10:15!



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