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We're more than a Gym. 

Her365 Fitness is a 24-hour access studio/gym and wellness community for women located in Pinole, CA. We serve women who live in the cities of Pinole, Richmond, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Hercules, Rodeo, Vallejo, and surrounding areas. Additionally, through our virtual studio and mobile apps, women outside of our local area are able to join our fitness & wellness community from wherever they are located.


At Her365, we focus not on weight loss or achievement of an "ideal" body but on building self-confidence while promoting overall fitness and well-being. We help women to feel empowered through movement & exercise and inspire, encourage and support all women in looking beyond their weight and unrealistic body image "ideals" to redefine and achieve their fitness & wellness goals. Learn more about what makes us different

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Hi! I'm Marissa.

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I'm a PN-certified nutrition coach, GGS-certified women's coaching specialist, licensed Zumba® Fitness and Circl mobility instructor, and the founder of Her365 Fitness. 


I help busy women prioritize their health and wellness by teaching them the lifestyle skills they need to achieve positive change and cultivate well-being so that they can live the healthy, happy life they deserve.


If you’re struggling to change or adopt new health & wellness habits it’s not likely because you don’t want to, or because you aren’t motivated enough. It’s because you haven’t learned how to make these new habits stick.

I believe every woman has within her the capacity to take charge of her life and shift her mindset to one of growth, self-love, self-compassion, and self-empowerment through exercise (what we also call intentional movement). I'll show you how to make small, easy-to-implement changes to your daily life to improve your fitness & wellness habits without adding stress to your hectic life.


Through Her365 Fitness I provide busy women, just like you, with access to the tools, support, and science-backed resources to take responsibility for their health & wellness, feel in charge of their own change process, and own the choices they make, and make real positive change…one step at a time.


Poco a poco se va lejos. (Little by little you’ll go far.)

What makes us different?

Other fitness communities/gyms profit from body shaming and the notion of an ideal body. They want you to believe that working for a flat tummy or perfectly peachy glutes is the key to greater self-love. They reinforce the belief that exercise is a punishment for eating and that you have to "work off" the food you eat. They want you to "lose weight and feel great," but they don't help you address the real barriers to feelings of greatness, such as your mindset, how you manage stress, or understanding and balancing your energy needs. 


We're not like them.


At Her365 Fitness, we advocate fitness beyond the scale and promote education, awareness, acceptance, and celebration of women's bodies. We are proponents of the separation of health and weight, adamant self-care, and the anti-diet movement. We also affirm the critical importance of sisterhood and community.


When you join Her365 Fitness, you become part of a growing community of women focused on health & well-being vs. appearance. You affirm that exercise & intentional movement are key components of your self-care routine and your journey to your best self.  You'll learn how to take small steps to make big, lasting changes in your mindset and lifestyle. And most importantly, you'll have access to the tools and resources you need to help you prioritize your health & well-being even during the most difficult and challenging times.


There are many ways to reach your health & fitness goals, join our Circle and we'll help you figure out (and stick to) the ways that work best for you with the life that you are living now.

What Makes Us Different
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Easy to understand, practical, and science-backed health & wellness information.

Build a strong foundation and stay motivated by learning and understanding why movement is vital, why it's necessary to properly fuel your body, and why it's important to balance activity and rest. Through challenges, articles, workshops, and webinars we share with you easy-to-understand, science-backed information that will inspire you and provide you with the knowledge necessary to make positive and lasting change in your life.

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Personalized workouts & fitness classes on your schedule.

Whether your jam is social fitness or you prefer to roll sola we have options for you. Choose from our weekly schedule of private live-streamed group fitness classes, pre-recorded classes featuring our awesome instructors or choose a workout from our library of 1000+ on-demand fitness classes and break a sweat on your schedule. We even have pre-built workouts or create your own you based on your goals and where you are right now.

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Coaching & accountability to keep you focused and on track.

Whatever your goals, our certified wellness and licensed fitness coaches help you get there. Coaches are your accountability partners and will support you in developing your self-care plan. Your coach will help you take a deeper look at what you're already doing that's working well for you and then collaborate with you to determine the small adjustments you can make that will move you closer to your goals...without added stress!  Our mantra is: "There's no failure; there's only feedback." 

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A built-in support system of wellness-minded womxn.

From the moment you join us you are part of our community of sisterhood and support. Sisterhood is comfy place that welcomes you to just "be" YOU, however you show up. Sisterhood supports our well-being as womxn and can be a source of inspiration in challenging times. You can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable and know that we are here for you and ready to meet you exactly where you are right now and help you get to where you want to be. Our community is supportive, diverse, and inclusive.


1573 Tara Hills Dr | Pinole, CA 94564

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