Her365 Fitness is a gym and wellness community for women, including those who consistently live and self-identify as women. At Her365, we focus not on weight-loss or an ideal body image but on building self-confidence while promoting overall fitness and wellbeing. We inspire, encourage and support our members in looking beyond their weight and unrealistic body image "ideals" to redefine and achieve their fitness goals. 


Her365 Fitness advocates fitness beyond the scale and promotes education, awareness, acceptance, and celebration of all bodies. We are proponents of the separation of health and weight, adamant self-care, and the anti-diet movement. We also emphasize the critical importance of sisterhood and community.

Our Story

We are Built on Success

From 2003 to 2017, Ladies Workout Express (LWE) provided the women of Pinole and surrounding cities a comfortable space to improve their fitness and wellbeing. Members joined a community of women who supported and challenged each other to achieve their personal and weight-loss goals.

Originally established as a branch of the Lady of America franchise, the key feature of the LWE workout was the 30-minute hydraulic circuit. The demographic was mainly women who were new to working out and/or who needed or wanted a workout that was quick and uncomplicated. As the fitness trends and interests of women evolved over the years LWE Pinole continued to be a comfortable space however, there was a key demographic of women who, while seeking a women’s space, were not able to accomplish the type of workout that they could achieve at a traditional co-ed gym. Due to the resistance limitations of hydraulic fitness machines and the inability to personalize the workout, LWE Pinole really became a space for SOME women while inadvertently excluding those who were looking for some of the same equipment offered in traditional gyms such as free weights and pin-select (stacked weight) strength training machines.  

It is with this in mind that in January 2018 the new owner, Marissa Rivera-Davis, re-opened the doors of the area’s only gym/fitness studio and wellness community, Her365 Fitness.  

Not part of any franchise group, Her365 Fitness is independently (woman of color) owned and operated. Marissa’s ownership brings new energy and an updated vision to the facility. Several new classes have been added to the group exercise schedule and, in August 2018, the hydraulic equipment was replaced with stacked-weight/pin-select strength training machines. Long-term members and newly enrolled members alike are excited about this equipment upgrade as they are now able to achieve a more comprehensive, challenging workout. In November 2018 the new facility name and logo were finally unveiled for all to see.


Change is good and we will continue to cultivate and grow the community of support and camaraderie uniquely found in women-centered spaces.

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