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4821 | How to Stop "Self-Sabotage"

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Diet culture has taught you that you are "sabotaging" yourself when you "give in" to your cravings or skip a workout when you don't have the energy to move. But is this even true?

In this audio lesson, you'll learn how to stop "self-sabotaging" and start self-PRIORITIZING with one simple shift in your mindset.


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About Marissa365

My name is Maríssa Rivera-Davis (she/her) and I am a certified womxn's fitness, nutrition, & wellness coach, licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor, and the founder of Her365 Fitness.

I help busy and over-stressed womxn develop intuitive self-care practices around eating, fitness & movement (and rest) so they can finally break free from the harmful cycles of dieting and the pursuit of body-image "ideals."

I advocate for and support womxn in learning to practice self-compassion, self-exploration, and self-trust, so they feel empowered to live authentically and more joyfully in the body they have right now.

I identify as queer and Afro-Latina and I’m the mother of 3 humans and several furry, shelled, and finned animals. I live my life guided by my intuition and an innate desire to spread ✨joy✨ through dance.

Follow me instagram for Zumba® videos and more @zimarissa365

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