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4821 | How to Stop "Self-Sabotage"

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Diet culture has taught you that you are "sabotaging" yourself when you "give in" to your cravings or skip a workout when you don't have the energy to move. But is this even true?

In this audio lesson, you'll learn how to stop "self-sabotaging" and start self-PRIORITIZING with one simple shift in your mindset.


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About Marissa365

My name is Maríssa Rivera-Davis (she/her) and I am a certified womxn's fitness, nutrition, & wellness coach, licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor, and the founder of Her365 Fitness.

I help busy and over-stressed womxn develop intuitive self-care practices around eating, fitness & movement (and rest) so they can finally break free from the harmful cycles of dieting and the pursuit of body-image "ideals."

I advocate for and support womxn in learning to practice self-compassion, self-exploration, and self-trust, so they feel empowered to live authentically and more joyfully in the body they have right now.

I identify as queer and Afro-Latina and I’m the mother of 3 humans and several furry, shelled, and finned animals. I live my life guided by my intuition and an innate desire to spread ✨joy✨ through dance.

Follow me instagram for Zumba® videos and more @zimarissa365

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Saundra Davis
Saundra Davis
Dec 04, 2021

You really hit me by starting with the two definitions. Sabotage shows up in sneaky ways for me. Sometimes even under the guise of "prioritizing" my needs. For example, scheduled to walk today and morning comes and my brain says, maybe what you really need is 😴. Nope, what I need is to avoid being diabetic so...get up and exercise!😳 This was so good. Thank you.

Coach Marissa365
Coach Marissa365
Dec 06, 2021
Replying to

Glad to hear that this was useful. It is challenging sometimes to know what alerts your body is sending (whether it be a true call for rest or a reminder to reconnect with your “why”). Practicing giving consistent attention (tuning in) to the “sabotage” moments and exploring what’s really going on inside and out will help you begin to identify where you can make some changes and get support if necessary. Remember, you’re not INTENTIONALLY “sabotaging” yourself. There are reasons why you’ve come to this point and you CAN overcome them. You got this! 🖤


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