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How to Stick to your Routine...even when it's dark outside

This month begins the time of the year when our typical weekly routine begins to slow down a bit (or get busy with holiday prep). Staying committed to your fitness routine during the spring and summer months when the days are long and bright is challenging enough, but when it's dark before you can say "Honey, I'm home" the struggle is so real. It seems as though as the sun sets it takes all of our energy with it, doesn't it? 🥱 *yawn*

But girl, don't give in! The great thing about exercising is that you’re not really dependent on anyone else to get it done; all of the variables are under your control. Where you exercise, how you exercise, and when you exercise is totally up to you. This means that even during these darker days of fall and then winter, you can still work out if you CHOOSE to work out.

FUN FACT: Motivation alone won't achieve your fitness goals but making exercise a habit can.

Sticking to your fitness routine not only builds discipline and establishes exercise as a habit but also reinforces your confidence in your ability to meet your goals.

Sure you can talk yourself out of going to the gym for a class or for a solo workout but why not talk yourself into it instead. Every time your fitness habit is being challenged because "You don't feel like it..." or because the moon is shining instead of the sun, we invite you to consider this:

What if you just went to the gym anyway?

What if you just went to the gym regardless of how tired you feel or what time of day it is? What could happen? How might you feel after your workout?

Opening yourself up to the possibility of sticking to your routine can make the difference between exercise as "this thing you do when you feel like it and the sun is shining just right" and a lifestyle that you live (mostly) every day. And, to keep it real, it also can mean the difference between a body that is well-prepared to handle the challenges of daily life and one that will absorb stress and begin to breakdown quicker than you can say low-bone density.

Remember, you don't have to do this alone. Find your fitness friends in the Her365 Fitness community. If you like to work out alone, you can do that! But if you could use some support come to our group fitness classes and have a social exercise experience. Download our app and give our workouts a try. If you'd like even more support from a personal trainer, let us know here. Regardless of how you want to work out, we are here for you and ready when you are!

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