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Observer Mode: Regain Your Peace In Stressful Situations

It's not easy to stay grounded and centered when you're in the middle of a stressful situation, feeling overwhelmed or just need a break. In this lesson, we'll reveal a simple strategy that can help you to regain your peace in the midst of the chaos


We hear a lot about how being more mindful is all about feeling more "grounded" or centered. But for many, it's a lot easier to feel that way when you're already calm or in a no-stress zone.

When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation or you’re overthinking or too much “in your head” it can be extremely difficult to shift back to feeling centered.

You can end up making choices that you wouldn’t otherwise make like stress eating, grabbing that extra glass of wine, staying up late watching Netflix, etc.

The good news is that there’s a strategy that can help you quickly shift your perspective:

Observer Mode. In the midst of a stressful situation, shift into observer mode. Pretend that you’re standing outside of what’s going on and are watching it like it’s a show on TV.

Except that in addition to watching what’s happening, you also can see and hear your thoughts – and you’re aware of any sensations in your body.

When you’re observing what’s happening from the outside – as a "bystander" – it can give you a different perspective and help reduce the feeling of urgency. It helps you notice your thoughts vs. being caught up in them.

This is a powerful strategy that can help shift you out of a stressful situation and feel more in control.

You’ll be back in the driver's seat and more likely to make decisions that move you closer to your goals instead of away from them.

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life can be transformative on your journey towards sustainable change in health and fitness. It's not about quick fixes but rather a profound shift in mindset and behavior.

Learn more about mindfulness and how to practice it in The Mindfulness Workbook and witness the positive impact on your well-being.


Get the tools, support, and expert guidance you need to help you break through the roadblocks to help you reach your health and fitness goals.



Hey there! My name is Marissa Rivera-Davis, and I'm a certified health fitness professional and founder of Her365 Fitness, a 24-hour studio gym & wellness community for women. I help women find the time and energy to move more and eat better so they can finally achieve the health & fitness goals that matter to them. My mission is to empower women with the skills and support they need to break free from a mindset of limitation & restriction to find pleasure and joy on their path to improved well-being. Learn more here.

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Anne C Jean Charles
Anne C Jean Charles
14 nov 2023

Very insightful

Me gusta
Coach Marissa365
Coach Marissa365
14 nov 2023
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🙏🏽 Thankful to know this resonates!

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