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Becoming More Present: Mindfulness in Your Health & Fitness Routine

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

When you are PRESENT for your own life – mindful of your actions and making intentional choices – you are poised to make life-changing shifts in your health & fitness.

This month, we’ll examine the benefits of mindfulness, explore practical and actionable ways to become more present and why mindfulness is one of the most essential things you can focus on to progress your health & fitness goals.

Our mini-coaching lessons, posted weekly on Tue/Thu in the Connect app, will support you in becoming more mindful, help you set more meaningful health & fitness goals, and inspire you to take action.

By experimenting with a combination of the tools, resources, and coaching support we provide, you can increase your satisfaction with your progress and improve your overall results.

How to Get Started

Take note of where you are now, try out some of the tips and suggestions in the lessons, and make time every week to check in with yourself about your progress.

At the end of the month, reflect on what you've noticed and where you can make changes in the following weeks and get support where/when you need it.

Keep reading for some resources to support your progress this month. ⏬


This Month's Guide

In this month’s FREE guide, you’ll learn more about mindfulness and why practicing this skill can help you get better results from your health & fitness routine.

Inside the guide, you’ll find some fun exercises, writing prompts, and even an art project to help you learn how to be more present in your life.

This is a skill that can help you:

✔️ Boost results with your workouts

✔️ Make it easier to make healthy food choices

✔️ Improve your day-to-day feeling of contentment

✔️ Manage stress

📥 BONUS: Subscribe to our email list, and you'll receive next month's guide right in your inbox without having to type your email address all over again. Plus, each Saturday, you'll receive our THRIVE365 weekly coaching recap newsletter, so you'll never miss out on our latest health & wellness guidance. Check out a sample here.


Train with Us

In this month’s small group training, you'll bring mindful awareness to your breath to strengthen your core and pelvic floor with movements that engage your deep core muscles, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower back.

We always begin our Tue/Thu sessions with a mindful warm-up, which is a dynamic full-body routine to activate key muscles, improve mobility, increase heart rate, and focus the mind.

After the strength training portion of the session is completed, we balance our training with a full-body stretch to help reduce post-workout stiffness, improve flexibility, prevent injury, increase endorphins, and boost energy.

Weekly sessions Tue/Tue @ 6 pm


Improve Your Results: Work with a Coach

The path to improved health & wellbeing isn't always a straight line. Having a coach by your side makes the journey smoother and more successful.

Your coach is your cheerleader, confidant, and sounding board, helping you navigate the ups and downs. She'll help you make lasting, sustainable changes that become a part of your lifestyle.

Ready to get started?



Maríssa Rivera-Davis is a women's fitness & nutrition coach and the owner/founder of Her365 Fitness. She is passionate about helping women break free from diet culture and a mindset of limitation & restriction to embrace their strength, increase their self-confidence & self-compassion, and find pleasure and joy on their path to improved well-being. Maríssa is dedicated to helping women thrive. Learn more & connect with her here.


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