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Keyless Entry is Coming Soon

Here’s to one less thing standing between you and your studio/gym visit!

Her365 Fitness has partnered with Nexkey to provide improved and more secure studio/gym access experience using nothing but your smartphone* or Apple Watch.

No more issues with the sun preventing the scanner from reading your barcode, no more beat-up key tags that don't work the first time, and no more lost key tag replacement fees! 🥳

This upgrade also gives us even greater control over who is accessing our facility and when. Which means that you can feel even safer knowing that anyone who is in the studio/gym is authorized to be there.

An installation technician will be on site at 9am this coming Tuesday (Nov. 16). Once our new system is installed and set up is completed, we will begin to issue keys immediately.

Good news!

Key assignment is a completely digital process and does not require you to be at the gym to get your new key.

You will receive your NEW KEY via TEXT or EMAIL from us after system installation is completed on Tuesday, November 16th. To use your key, click the link in the text or email you received to download the Nexkey app on your smartphone. Create an account, and get instant access to your digital keychain.


No problem! All you'll need is phone that can receive text messages. We'll text you a Text Key and you'll be able to use that to unlock the door.

Below is an overview of how to use Nexkey for smartphone users. Check it out and get excited for your upgraded studio/gym access experience!




🤔 Have questions? Ask and get answers in the 🖤 Studio/Gym Member group on the web or in our new Connect | Her365 app available on Android only (for now).

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Unknown member
Nov 12, 2021

Oh this is great news!!! Looking forward to the upgrade 👍🏽

Coach Marissa365
Coach Marissa365
Nov 13, 2021
Replying to

Yes! Thanks for letting us know, Gloria. 👍🏽 We’re look forward to hearing about your experience once the system is up and running. We’re excited!


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