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Soulflow Oakland presents: Melanated Womxn Resting, Melanated Womxn Rising

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Join us Sunday, November 21 @ 10:30 am for this special event. RSPV in advance.

Soulflow Oakland presents: Melanated Womxn Resting, Melanated Womxn Rising

Explore our shared and diverse experience as womxn of color, celebrate our beauty, and connect to ancestral wisdom in these soulful Sunday sessions. Ground, heal, and energize your body with trauma-informed movement for all-levels of experience. Stay for tea and discussion. Each session will be led by Satya (Yoga and meditation) or another womxn of color.

This retreat is reserved for self-identifying womxn of color. Womxn or women includes Trans womxn, gender non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, cis-gendered womxn, and gender expansive or anyone who has had an experience of feeling marginalized because of the way they move in the world as a womxn. Womxn of all levels of experience, 15+ in age, religions, abilities, immigration statuses, sizes, and sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated.

This week, Marissa Rivera-Davis, the founder of Her365 Fitness, will lead a 60-minute Zumba® class followed by a discussion.

This class is open to all womxn of color!

🎟 There are 12 in-person spots available, please join us and invite your friends and community.

😷 Masks + proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is required.

ATTN Her365 Fitness Members:

⛔️ The gym will not be open/accessible for equipment workouts during this event (10:30am-12pm)

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Coach Marissa365
Coach Marissa365
Nov 21, 2021

The minimum RSVP number was not met so this morning’s workshop has been canceled. Hey, it happens! And here, just like when attempts at achieving a health/wellness goal don’t get the results that you want, there’s information to be learned from the experience. So, we‘ll be reflecting on that and will take action from there. 📋 In the meantime, this melanated womxn will be resting and rejuvenating today so that she can rise above the stress and busy-ness of the upcoming week. 💆🏽‍♀️ Enjoy your Sunday! 🖤 Maríssa365


1573 Tara Hills Dr | Pinole, CA 94564

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