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4 ways working out with us can improve your life

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Working out with us in our truly judgment-free, women-only environment can provide you the motivation and support that you may need to help you create the strong, healthy, and capable body you deserve.

Before we dig in, let us tell you why we are different than those other gyms...especially that $10/month one that might have your eye on.

  • More than a gym, Her365 Fitness is a supportive community of positive women. We are all in a different places in our fitness journey and no one acts superior.

  • We believe in empowering women through fitness.

  • We focus not on weight-loss or an “ideal” body image but on building self-confidence while promoting overall fitness and wellbeing. 

  • Our members are of all body-types and fitness levels (and ages) who are learning to look beyond the scale to redefine and achieve their fitness goals.

  • Our instructors are motivating, engaging and always ready to help members (safely) push past the "comfort zone" to reach their potential.

Now, what you came here for...

4 ways working out with us can have a positive impact on your life:

#1 - Improved Physical Fitness

Let’s be honest...we all want to be happy with our physical appearance. But most importantly, we want a body that is healthy, strong, and capable of performing in the way that we need it to live, in other words, we want to be physically fit. That healthy, strong and capable body you dream of ALREADY exists within you. That’s right. She’s in there...and for health, performance, and quality of life reasons she needs your help to get out. If you stick to a sensible and consistent routine (we can help you develop a plan that works for you), your body will respond in just a few short weeks; your abs, arms, and legs will be more toned and you'll begin to see and feel a difference. You’ll be able to do cardiovascular activities without becoming short of breath. Plus, you'll have more stamina and physical strength to tackle the stresses of everyday life.

Say it with us LOUDLY: “I DESERVE a healthy, strong and capable body!”

#2 - Increased Positive Self-Image

Beginning or returning to a workout routine can be overwhelming. It's important to be patient with yourself while you're settling into a regimen that works best for your body. The more you work out, the better you'll feel about yourself. As you progress, the success you experience will boost your confidence and make your trip to the gym something you look forward to each day (trust’s not as crazy as it sounds!) As your body responds to your routine, your self-image will improve and your self-confidence (how you feel about your abilities) and self-esteem (what you think of yourself), will become more and more positive. You'll feel more comfortable with your body and less self-conscious about being around others and trying new workouts and/or classes.

#3 - Enhanced Social Life

You’ve heard this before: “Don’t just join a gym. Join a community.” Working out with us is a great way to be social and meet like-minded women. Join our community and you will gain built-in accountability partners. Within our community of wellness- and fitness-focused women, you will interact with women from different backgrounds and with amazing personal journeys who you may find fascinating and relatable or just enjoyable to be around. Differences don’t matter when you're working up a sweat and having a great time. Some of our members have become best buddies after meeting and developing a fitness friendship at our gym. 

#4 - Fun Workouts

Working out at Her365 Fitness is a surefire antidote to a sedentary lifestyle. Our members tell us that they never feel like they are working out because our classes feel like they are just hanging out and having a good time with their friends. With the equipment and class options available, you can change up your workouts to keep things fresh and your workout can always be new and exciting. Varying your workouts also challenges your body in different ways which increases effectiveness.

Whether you workout with us as a member or come only for classes, our gym is a comfortable space to workout on your own terms. These days you have many options when choosing a gym but only at Her365 Fitness will you find a gym specifically for women just like you. Working out regularly at Her365 Fitness gym can help you to create the physical body you deserve while increasing your self-confidence and overall wellbeing.

Try us out with a free membership and experience the difference for yourself!

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