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10 Benefits of a Daily Walk

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

A walk might seem like child’s play compared to running a marathon or competing in CrossFit, but taking a walk can be a very healthy alternative, especially if you have zero interest in exercising intensely.

Humans were built to move and some health experts believe that the chair was the worst invention ever created. 😬 You can do a lot to enhance your health by standing up and taking a walk.

Before we dig into the benefits of a daily walk, we're excited to announce that we have a new 365er member group, Walkin' Out(doors), that can help you get in your steps. Join the group to stay up-to-date on upcoming walks and enjoy built in accountability for getting outdoors with other womxn in our sisterhood.

And, now here are...

10 Benefits of a Daily Walk

  1. 😃 You’ll feel better. If you’re currently not getting enough exercise, a walk is a simple way to fill that void. Getting out of the house and breathing a little fresh air is bound to enhance your mood and outlook on life.

  2. 🦴 Walking is good for your bones. Hip fractures are reduced in postmenopausal women that walk for at least 30 minutes each day.

  3. 😴 You can expect to sleep better if you walk regularly. Those that walk report a lower incidence of insomnia. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, the solution might be as simple as a daily walk.

  4. ❤️ Your risk of chronic disease is lower if you walk each day. Studies have found that your risk of developing diabetes or suffering a stroke are reduced significantly. Thirty minutes of walking is all you need each day to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. A stroll can also lower your blood pressure.

  5. 💩 Walking increases the motility of your bowels. If you suffer from constipation, a walk can work wonders for getting things moving.

  6. 🌀You are developing a good habit. Walking can be a positive addition to your daily routine. The most successful people have routines. You’re more likely to experience success if you can maintain positive routines in your life.

  7. 👟 Walking is free, low-impact, and simple to do. There’s no new skill to learn and no equipment to purchase. Unlike many other forms of exercise, walking can be done by those in larger bodies and those with no athletic ability whatsoever. Just put on your shoes and get out the door.

  8. 🧠 Walking is good for your brain. Older seniors that walk daily have 50% decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  9. 👩🏾‍🎨 Your creativity will increase. More than one study has demonstrated that going for a walk boosts creativity. Those that walk are more creative than those that sit. Having a challenge at work or at home? You’re more likely to find the solution during a nice, long walk.

  10. 🎂 You’ll live longer. Those that spend more time on their feet have been shown to live longer than those that spend too much time sitting each day. Get up on your feet and go for a walk if you want to extend your life. It has been suggested that a daily walk adds 3-7 years of life.

Consider the many health benefits that walking provides. Going for a walk can do a lot more for your health and outlook on life than a gym membership that is rarely used (yes, we said it).

💡 Remember, paying for a gym membership will not hold you accountable for taking action on your self-care practices. However, taking consistent action and staying accountable ARE a lot easier when you surround yourself with others who have similar intentions. Join the Walkin' Out(doors) group to get started.

Happy walking! 👣


About Marissa365

My name is Maríssa Rivera-Davis (she/her). I am a certified womxn's fitness, nutrition, & wellness coach, licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor, and the founder of Her365 Fitness.

I help busy, over-stressed womxn develop intuitive self-care practices around eating, fitness+movement, and restoration, so they can finally break free from the destructive cycles of dieting and the pursuit of body-image "ideals."

I advocate for and support womxn in learning to practice self-compassion, self-exploration, and self-trust so they feel empowered to live authentically and more joyfully in the body they have right now.

I identify as queer and Afro-Latina. I am also a wife (20+ years to a war-time veteran), a mother of 3 humans (teen/young adult), and a pet mom. I live my life guided by intuition and an innate passion for spreading ✨joy✨ through dance.

I am still discovering ways to live a balanced life while honoring my many identities, and my work is inspired by the experiences I have along the way.

Follow me on instagram for Zumba® videos and more @zimarissa365

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