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What Conditions Are Necessary for You to Thrive?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021


You don't need me to tell you how this year has been.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths here, girl. It's going to be okay.

We have all been doing our best to cope with the constant barrage of news that takes us from one emotional extreme to the other. Not to mention the impact that merely being alive right now is having on our well-being and our ability to honor ourselves with adequate self-care.

Times are hard all around, and if you're ready to pull yourself out of this funk, get back on track, get serious about self-care, and do the things that improve your well-being, keep on reading. 

HEALTH & WELLNESS during these uncertain times is not about pushing your limit but about "reorienting" your approach. That is, taking stock and forging a new path that works for what you are going through in the present moment. 

Right now, you want to ask yourself what it means to be "healthy" in every aspect of your life, not just on the physical front. 

It's not just about doing a particular type of workout or eating a specific kind of diet, but about creating space for yourself, listening to your intuition, and focusing on your overall well-being, so you can thrive -- not just survive -- in these uncertain times.

I'm right here with you, waist-deep in the struggles that the pandemic has piled on top of our usual pre-pandemic responsibilities. I'm raising Black children (2 boys), I've got 7th-grade schooling happening at my house. I'm running a pandemic-impacted business. I'm teaching fitness classes. I'm keeping up with my professional development studies. I'm checking in with my friends and family. All of this, while doing my best to maintain a self-care practice that prioritizes my mental & physical health. There is so much intense negative energy floating around; I've had to work extra hard to protect my good vibes. 🤺

But I'm here for you, girl. Let's work together to refocus and reconnect with ourselves. Let's take this journey together.

As we count down the weeks until the end of the year, I invite you to hold this question in your heart: 

"What conditions are necessary so that I may thrive?"

What do you want? What are you already doing that you could do more? What support do you need? Is there anything you can do less off? What are the elements of your ideal self-care practice? 

Little by little, I've been coming to my own answers to this question. Come with me on this journey to the end of 2020 , we'll explore this question together.

You need to take care of YOUrself. You not only deserve it, but when you're feeling rested and recharged, you can accomplish more and support others better.

No one is perfect, and health and wellness aren't something you can really master because our needs and situations change all of the time. Well-being is always a work in progress. We have to be adaptable based on the resources available to us at the time, a message that 2020 has been sending us loudly and clearly.

To help you start thinking about your answers to the question above, I'll be hosting three Thrive Wellness Circles starting in October. Held on the last Wednesday of the month, our Circles give you a chance to gather in community with other women to discuss health & wellness topics that will help us thrive.

The TWC will be held on the dates below and are free to join.

10/28 @ 6:45 pm: Your Mindset & Practicing Self-Compassion

11/25 @ 10am: Aligning your Habits & Goals with Your Values

12/30 @ 6:45 pm: Taking Action

I hope that you will join us at one or all of the Circles!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more articles and resources to help you make your way through the end of this year and get a jumpstart on your 2021 health and wellness goals. We got this, girl!

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